Jewellery Care

Here are some recommendations and good practice to prevent your jewellery from damage or losing their shine: 

Avoid contact with cosmetics, alcohol-based hand sanitiser and perfumes as these can react with the metal and pearls. Removing your jewellery before bed, especially as fingers swell in the night and can make them uncomfortable in the morning. Manual labour, including housework, can dent and scratch your jewellery, as they knocked against a hard surface, making them less shiny. Remove jewellery before taking a shower or doing the washing-up to prevent losing small pieces down the drain. Shampoos and harsh solvents in cleaning products will damage any kind of jewellery, especially pearls.


Sterlings Silver 

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes over time but the more you wear them, the less it will happen. If an oxidation mark appears, gently buff your jewellery with a soft jewellery polishing cloth, do not use tissue or paper towels as they can cause fine scratches. Wearing them often will preserve the silver’s shine but if you wish to store it, place it back in its box or wrapped in a soft cloth. 


Pearls are delicate and need a bit more care. It is better to put them on last and take them off first. Pearls are more vulnerable to cosmetics, vinegar, lemon, alcohol and perfume. They do not like chlorine, which is present in swimming pools and even added to tap water. If you want to clean them, use a soft cloth with a bit of distilled water.

Gold Vermeil

After a while, pieces that you have worn frequently could lose some of their platings. This is natural wear and tear, however, jewellery can be replated in our ateliers. Please contact us for a quote to restore your jewellery and give them a fresh new look.

With the correct care, your pieces will age perfectly over time.